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Health Updates

Carbon County Incident Management Team

In light of the global pandemic and recent confirmed positive cases in Carbon County, the Carbon County COVID19 Incident Management Team thought it was best to address some of the communities' many concerns, including:


Testing: The amount of swabs needed to test individuals is very minimal, the County Emergency Manager has requested more through the Emergency Declaration. It is not guaranteed that we will get any. When the testing materials are no longer available, the primary care providers will start a rule out diagnosis. This includes testing for Influenza and Strep prior to diagnosing COVID19.


Treatment: There is currently no known treatment for COVID19. The primary care providers, will work with their patients to minimize their symptoms. This may include instructions to isolate at home. This is the best way to ensure that healthcare workers and community members are safe. Only critical patients will be admitted to the hospital.


Potential Contact with a known COVID19 patient: The State of Wyoming epidemiologists along with local Public Health nurses will conduct contact investigations on all known cases of COVID19. If you have been potentially exposed, you will be notified.


Confidentiality: All patient’s protected health information is protected by HIPAA laws. This limits what can be shared to the public.


Social Distancing: Social distancing along with additional safeguards, such as handwashing and covering your cough or sneeze are the most effective ways to stop and prevent the spread of infection. It is recommended that you give yourself a 6ft distance from others and not congregate in places with more than 10 people. This does not include your immediate family members. People are encouraged to spend time outside as long as it meets those guidelines.

We have created a resource guide, to help you navigate testing criteria, local COVID19 testing sites, and local and state community resources. Please follow the link below: 



Jacquelin Wells RN, MSN, PHNA-BC

Public Information Officer

Carbon County COVID19 Incident Management Team

Carbon County COVID-19 Demographics:

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